Friday, August 19, 2022

Home schooling part 2

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  1. Lil' Missy from Oaks & Pines had gotten the fairest-white backside in the whole of Montreux. But no man had ever seen it, save for her strict Papa.

    ...Why, he was abroad on business, far away from Switzerland. And so the good lady, madame Kelley, was in charge of home schooling & passing sentence after wayward behaviour: and yes for sure, administering that good, Ol' fashioned, unbearable stinging bottom when required.

    Oh this is sooooo superlative, B. Poor Ol' Lil' Miss Goody Two-Shoes! Boo-Hoo! Photo 5 is visceral & brings back memories for me. They all do already!!! Boo-Hoo! :-(

    Photo 1: Scolding & protests: "Why yes, Oh yes! On the very bare botty for you, my girl" said the kind, good lady Kelley May. "It is the only way naughty lil' girls like you deserve the cane. And I consider this chastisement simply normal and necessary, let me tell you. So let us begin.

    Now! Stop your blubbering at once! And in front of God, if you will! Yes, it will sting like Hell, that is the idea. And a stinging bottom right now will stop you getting into trouble when you are older, just you see!"

    Photo 2 - THWIP- SMACK! THWIP-SMACK! THWIP-SMACK! THWIP-SMACK! "Yes, yes, yes, I know it stings", said strict Kelley. "It is darn well supposed to. That is why I always pull your panties down (Doh!). That is why I use this trusty, whippy-cute cane (Doh!). And it sure did sting on my bare bottom when I gotten this very same cane across it from my own mother a bunch, when I was growing up back in the day!! Sure whooped me into shape, already!"

    Photo 4: The red botty treatment: " Stay still. Your are getting a baker's dozen, missy. That is the punishment in this house. Now stop your incessant banshee-bunny wailing and keep the peace. The neighbours can hear the whole affray - the resounding smacks on bare skin, all the crying. They told me last time. Let us have some decorum now, please!"

    Final photo, six: "Boo-Hoo my botty stings oh so!" said naughty lil' missy. "It is soooooo sore. Boo-Hoo!"

    "Well, just let that be a lesson to you, young lady," said Kelley, sternly. "A well-smacked bottom indeed!. And there will be plenty more of that from my spanky-stick unless your learning & behaviour rapidly improves. Is that clear?!!

    Oh my! Now pull up your panties and smarten down your dress. Then go and sit yourself on the naughty step with your hands on your head...and I will put the rod of correction back in the cupboard (for next time) and prepare the scriptures for our next lesson".

    From Switzerland with love eh, B ? Boo-Hoo ;-)
    Hugs, firm guidance n fierce but kind smackabotties to you, B.
    Nostalgic Brenda xx

  2. "Let us have some decorum now, please!"
    Love that line!
    Hugs and stingy smackies ;)
    B xx