Saturday, November 26, 2022

Miscellaneous glimpses about future stories

Having overslept

I am now going to inspect your room

 You are invited to role-play with us

  We have a new website !

(Adults only)

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 Furthermore our friend Asa from 

started a new story from us
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  1. The Princesses and the Three Bares

    I so love these three gifs, B. They're almost funny, as well as SCARY! already. Love the top one. Ouchiees to botties. Boo-Hoo! She feels it for sure. The black socks are an essential accessory :-)
    The red bottom are number two is lovely. That is how it should be. And the third, familiar walk of peril is pure schadenfreude.

    Oh my! I do so love that gorgeous naughty lil' missy on your O&P link: hands on head is wonderful (I sure had to do that a bunch in yore!)
    How demure & sorry she is. Serene before Spartan Smackabotties. It's all crushingly cute, B ;-)
    And it always begs the question, B: is it panties down & skirt up, or skirt up & panties down for le martinet cul nu?
    I guess it's the latter given her fitting pencil skirt on this occasion.

    Her ballet shoes are exquisite ;-)
    Which is an elegant segue (pas de deux, even) into your Ballerina part 4 story on Asa's site. That lovely phrase in the piece, "le feu au cul" is brand spanking new to me, B. I shall add it to the lexicon with splendour & joy :-)

    Why yes, finally, for the photo just above: Asa's Spanking Emporium...gorgeous Kate's mobile, unconstrained, sumptuous, soft botty (a study of pure organic momentum) was designed for learning with the salutary cane, B. Divine design for divine retribution already, as those redoubtable Southern Church Moms would say!!!
    Thanks, cold spanks, n warm huggies, B.
    Ferociously Kind, Ol' fashioned Brenda xx

    1. For the story they will be illustrating its skirt and knickers off for the martinet...
      Le feu au cul isn't actually about spanking, its about 'a girl having the hot' and I have interpreted that ;)
      Hugs and smackies
      B xx