Friday, July 28, 2023

Tea and spanking


You are invited to role-play with us!

  (Adults only)
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  1. TEA FOR TWO and 24T

    "Cane to bare botty" (to quote yours truly) or "it's time for Mrs Cane to pay a short, sharp visit to botty land" (to quote Miss Clara Matthews from Strictmoor Academy)

    In discussion with fellow Church moms on raising daughters back in the 1980s n 90s, B; my clear & succinct advocacy was always my quote above: "cane to bare botty". But I do now prefer Miss Matthews' botty land version. So crushingly cute I think ha-ha!

    I love photo 6 - And I can hear my trusty cane rattling in the cupboard, B. A finest quality, decades' old, whippy-thin, rattan botty smacker, perfectly designed for naughty girls' tender bare backsides. Much feared, safe, salutary, kind, necessary and well administered, B!!

    Southern Church moms in my suburb in Georgia, adopted the leather strap for daughters at home in general. My sister & I were raised with the maternal cane (on our bare bottoms). So naturally, I advocated purchasing a cane for this cohort of Church moms in the exact same Spartan fashion.

    Before the cane is administered, the panties come down: and so baring rituals "hands to head, knicks to knees" & scolding were part of moms' coffee mornings conversations. Many moms also talked about corner time. Moreover for me, the last photos 7 & 8 are an essential part of chastisement: ergo, panties pulled back-up over blazing red seats. "Your spanking is over young lady!"
    Mother pulls her panties back up (cue hands on head for daughter) or alternatively, the now, red-bottomed girl pulls up her own panties. Context dependent, B.

    My own mother taught me the importance of this "panties back up routine" in my strict, religious childhood in the 1960s & 70s (I say ruefully!!) Oh my! It sure is a powerful scenario, & signifies that the "cane to bare botty" is now finally over, thank the Lord. Punishment is finished. Loving redemption & forgiveness in front of God is duly granted.
    I do think the "panties back up" conclusion is often overlooked, B. But I do think it is an important part of strict protocol & decorum.

    I do love the "tea service here, ma'am" here - very English, B.
    She's a beautiful red head :-) super smooth, chubby botty, snuggy white panties. Photo 6 is sensational - nice botty rouge already, but some harmless, salutary tiger stripes with the maternal, flexible, rattan rod would be a normal & necessary requirement in my experience, B!!!
    The cane rattles n whistles in my book, B.
    Strict Retro Brenda xx

    1. I'll vote for 6 and 7, but the link one with knickers below the skirt and rubbing does have the 'je ne sais quoi" /me winks!
      Hugs and smackies :)
      B xx