Saturday, September 19, 2020

The red tennis knickers part 1

I am twenty four and my name is Josy. I relocated a few months ago. It was a job offer I couldn't refuse. I am finally making the money I want. It is a lovely market town and I am the bank's credit manager. I sold my London studio, and for its price I bought a convertible Mini Cooper and a house in a picturesque neighboring village.

Monday morning at the bank there was a very athletic young woman asking our receptionist if she could leave brochures for the waiting area, "Its the new mag of our tennis club..."

"Oh! Please let me have one, I used to play in college..."

"We'll give you a shot at the team !"

She had said that tongue in cheek with a challenging smile. That imp reminded me of the last time I had spanked my younger sister.

The brochure was superb,


One hundred years of women tennis stardom!

On my way back home I stopped at Wheels to buy a bike. The manager was dishy. He helped me load my new bicycle into the Mini. "The name is Jeremy, give me a call if you have problems re-attaching the front wheel..." I took his card and thanked him. He looked great, he could be a change from my ex wimpy London boyfriend.

For the rest of the week I rode my bike to work, and every evenings I hit a good number of balls against my garage's wall. When Saturday came I felt great and wearing shorts and a backpack with my tennis racket I called at the tennis club.

It was an old fashion club with a comfy lounge with leather chesterfield sofas and chairs. One could smell the polished parquets, and sensed century old traditions. There was an impressive mahogany scoreboard with name cards for all the players.

It wasn't a cheap club, but I was told that I would be refunded if I cancelled within the first month. Miss Registrar handed me a navy t-shirt and a white pleated skirt, "They are seventy pounds, a second set is fifty, none refundable. You will wear your own white knickers, socks and bra..." A card with my name was inserted at the bottom of the scoreboard. I was offered a test game with a coach, "Court number 4 in 20 minutes, don't be late !"

The locker room was amazing with superb wood paneling. I frowned as it was communal, I am shy. It was deserted when I changed into my outfit. The tall mirror confirmed that the skirt was quite short. I closed my locker with the key I was allocated, and reported at the assigned court. The coach had me running left and right, back and forth. I didn't lose my footing and hang on. I even scored a lucky point, only one. Her conclusion was, "Not bad, not bad at all !"

She paired me with a girl named Nancy. She had made a great choice. Nancy was a good player, better then me, but I could pull a few fast ones by her. We had a couple of exciting games.

Showers were next. They were communal showers. I hadn't shared showers since I was in school. All the girls were naked, and I was still wearing a towel when Miss Imp who had delivered the brochures at the bank chanted, "Lets see your birthday suit newbie !" I felt my ears tickling, and knew I was blushing as red as a tomato.

A few more girls chanted, "Show us what you have newbie !" Nancy was real nice, she gently released my nervous grip on my towel. It dropped to the floor and I was revealed. Miss Imp applauded, "You're a beauty, my name is Michelle." All the girls, one by one gave me high five, and mentioned their first names. I was adopted.

Under the showers two girls had a cat fight, and one of the older girls called, "Strip tennis duel !" They were back into their outfit...

Nancy lead, and we followed all the girls to a discreet tennis court. The two feuding girls were evenly matched, and had quite a fight. They first lost their t-shirts. Then one lost her skirt and was quite embarrassed. She struggled and eventually had to take her bra off. She had lost, she stood red face in her white tennis knickers. Michelle teasingly added, "She's lucky, it could have been till losing her knickers..."



To be continued....

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  1. Tennis volleys and rallies. Naughty girls' red knickers and white botties.

    Outdoor sports and activities were a welcome saviour from the suffocating, conservative protocol of church and Bible Class for sister and me, growing up in 1960s/70s Georgia. I loved tennis, track n field and cheerleading as a child and teen; then later enjoyed the gym and aerobics (Jane Fonda craze) on starting my career in a big Atlanta corp in the early 1980s.

    As outdoor, active lil' girls, sports were considered wholesome apple pie for good, polite, young ladies. Of fitness of mind n body, and of earnest activities keeping idle hands busy. The "authorities" sure approved, B. Authorities being parents, teachers, church ministers club leaders and other folk who might advocate a soundly smacked bottom if y'all daughters strayed from the righteous path!

    I was fascinated to learn that the gorgeous Lil' Miss Serena Williams (my superhero) gotten her bare botty smacked by her kind, strict, wondetful mom, when she was naughty in yore. This wonderful, redoubtable mom , Oracene Price, cared for her five daughters (Serena and Venus included) and so naturally the smack of a leather strap or a mom's diligent hand on those naughty, bare backsides was just a normal, necessary fact of life in that household. It was Serena's mom who gave the candid interview, wonderfully free from wokerati platforms, influence, attention and censure, already (unlike her fabulous , superstar tennis champion, Serena, of course)

    Chris Evert was my hero growing up in 1970s Georgia, B. Lil' Miss Evert and her sister gotten their bare bottoms soundly smacked by their strict pop, who became their successful tennis coach. Again, so far so normal, that was simply par for the course for y'all American girls in the 1970s, B....
    Spankings that is, not tennis coaching :-)

    Oh my! All good memories. The OBB from Janus gave such good details on sports women and female celebs who gotten spanked in yore. Sadly missed, already!
    Big hugs, thanks n spanks, B.
    Brenda xx